Grocery Ordering – from available product by just scaning barcode or select from variety of product collection available in all stores. Nasket has a delivery service ecosystem to your condo with a quality of fresh product guarantee.


Food Delivery service of the best sale menus from famous restaurants to be paid by cash or credit card and no need to tell the route for delivery.

Smart Home

Calling for Maid and Handy Man service of the international standard quality trained from our partner companies.

Bill Payment

Water and Electric bill payment of provincial authority by just scaning the barcode and can be paid by credit card.

Home Service

As the number of mobile users continues to outpace the number of desktop users, it should go without saying that designers, now more than ever, have to design with a mobile-first mentality.

Video Call

Nasket can make a Video Call between devices and also become a Video Door Bell within or outside the building. There is also the additional option to connect with CCTV to display the view from the front camera installed in the device. (CCTV accessory is of the additional, please contact Nasket for more information.

Our Partners​

Latest Partners of Nasket Collaborations.